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William Oakes (SmilingNage) wrote:
O'Sensei learned techniques, changed some, and gave it a NEW NAME. And the name Aikido represented how he felt what his SPECIAL brand of martial art was meant to do for the world. To sum it for you, he gave what he was a doing a new name. Does an explanation get any simplier than that. Can you follow?
Hate to be a hair splitter here William but I don't think O-Sensei gave the art the name aikido. I'm working from memories here, maybe someone with a better one and more knowledge of aikido history could chime in. I think that the name was given by a commitee/commission and O-Sensei merely agreed to let it be called that. I think I remember reading that he wasn't particularly fond of it either but for political reasons let it stand (but I could be thinking of something else entirely on that point).


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