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Now this is getting silly. I re-read the thread and his site.
William Oakes wrote:
As always you continue to miss the point of conversation, instead you fire back with threats
Where exactly did he threaten you?
William Oakes wrote:
And yet again, you have never been trained in Aikido.
What I understood from the web site is over ten years of Aikido training including at least one visit to Aikikai Honbu and an attempt to see what's out there besides the teachers he's directly exposed to. Can't see how you go from that to no training. I'm curious as to who his teachers were but odds on I wouldn't know them anyway.

I must say I'm pretty close to Jason's view of Aiki. One could make an argument that the mindset required for NHB goes against the Aikido philosophy but even here you have two people choosing to test themselves - there is effect is no aggressor and both people tend to walk away relatively intact. As I mentioned before there is in fact really no difference from some very well known shihan in their younger days.

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