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Jason DeLucia (JasonFDeLucia) wrote:
once again you show what you dont understand.

the kanji for aiki has many allegories ,but the true literal martial meaning is to harmonize with every intension in order to control it.which is why hapkido is aikido.are you going to tell koreans that they can't use the kanji for hapki simply because it doesn't jive with your romantic notions of having a deeper understanding of peace and love ?no .these were allegorical translations by a very religious, pious man who wanted to make it more than just a martial art.but the fact is that the aiki kanji denotes the axioms and principles of the military form and it is a happy coinsidence that they validate pious precepts.harmony of energy militarily means ,when pushed ,pull,when pulled ,push,

when pushed ,turn,when pulled do not know this because you study from the religious perspective which was derived after the military.the kanji existed long before mr.ueshiba allegorized it.and if you've done your home work yould remember some significant quotes from mr.ueshiba...aikido is 99% atemi .thats right ..atemi.that means striking .i figured i would interpret it for you since you didn't know what aiki really meant . wakata?jason delucia
Ok once again you dont understand. You have this perception you are actually doing something new and your not. Principles taught in Aikido dont need to be justified by you, countless men have died over the centuries pursuing these techniques. What O'Sensei has done is to group techniques that he had learned and modify them to some degree and gave what his special type of martial art and martial understanding a name, Aikido.

Do you see a theme here. O'Sensei learned techniques, changed some, and gave it a NEW NAME. And the name Aikido represented how he felt what his SPECIAL brand of martial art was meant to do for the world. To sum it for you, he gave what he was a doing a new name. Does an explanation get any simplier than that. Can you follow?

Again, you are using Aikido name to give what you are doing accreditiblity. What you are doing is not Aikido. You are leetching off of its name for your own means. Aikido is an established martial art. And yet again, you have never been trained in Aikido. Where do you get off using a name which you have no ties too. I am not to familiar with Mass. law but I would I go far as to say what you are doing is fraud and deceitful advertising. You are not an Aikido teacher, you are a pitfighter.

As for me, you dont know anything about me. So dont speak for what I do and dont know, what I believe and disbelieve. What I am giving you is the straight facts as presented by you. But I will let you in on a little secret, learning martial arts is about self mastery not self justification. It's not about taking what you have taught and justifying yourself by calling people out to fight you when they dont agree with you. Its shameful, anyone who behaves in such a manner shouldn't have never been trained in any martial art.

As always you continue to miss the point of conversation, instead you fire back with threats,lack of understanding and most of all a lack of humility. But with just 2 wins over the last 4yrs, 2 major leg injuries, the truth is being revealed to you. I would have been able to continue this conversation and enjoyed the exchange, but there is nothing you can no longer offer me but a boorish,self centered point of view.

Do you understand? William Oakes

Dont make me, make you, grab my wrist.
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