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Peter Rehse (PeterR) wrote:
OK that needed to be read a couple of times but I think I get the idea and, assuming I did, I might agree.

Anyone who has even seen Aikido can judge - the value of judgement reflects the level of experience. That experience does not even have to be in Aikido per se.

To even suggest that being critical of Aikido somehow lacks in maturity is about as foolish as you can get. There are, depending on your perspective, plenty of holes in the art and more to the point plenty of holes in the way it is practiced. The questions, comments and opinions expressed on this board are in fact nothing new and all have at one time or other been discussed by some very senior Aikido folk including major students of Ueshiba M..

Several of them tested their Aikido under very trying circumstance, some developed methods to do the testing under relatively safe circumstance. Jason chooses NHB, People like Shioda, Chiba, Kobyashi H. went prowling. Tomiki developed an Aiki randori. All knew that ordinary practice is not going to teach you Aiki without some sort of confrontational experience.

I once had a 5th Dan in a style other then my own tell me "I am a fifth dan you can not judge my Aikido". Thing is I had seen a good number of fifth dans that really could do the business. I was perfectly placed to judge even though I was only Shodan. I could have been wrong but the right to judge was still there.
Peter Rehse ,thank you for your exact said what i was thinking but was unable to write .simply because i am a fighter, does not mean that i don't think aikidoka don't fight .but i do think that generationaly practice becomes watered down if there isn't something to spur intensity.

nothing spurs intensity like getting knocked out.but simple competition will surfice.

jason delucia
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