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Jason DeLucia (JasonFDeLucia) wrote:
who ever is judging that ,nobody here is qualified to judge aikido itself ,is putting him or herself (at least in his or her own opinion)above everyone criticize aikido training you are criticizing say that the thing you're looking at is not aiki is like saying there must be no ghosts because i've never seen one.and a person who has done aikido only in dojos of traditional etiquete can can never have the same level as the one who has in addition a combative nhb experience ,never ever ever...
Well to say you are an Aikido teacher and not ever been taught in Aikido; That does leave yourself open to be criticized and rightfully so. You arent teaching Aikido, its your own special take on martial arts. You and what you are doing have no ties to Aikido. Take a look at what you call your style, combat Aikido. Look at the word Aikido and see what it translates to in english, the way of peace/harmony. So the name of your style is the combative way to peace/harmony? I guess it means I will beat peace into you. Maybe you mistook peace for "piece". Thus, I will beat you into piece(s)as your style's name would make sense.

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