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I'm having problems with both the omote and ura versions of kaitennage and after reading these posts I'm beginning to think that the main problem is that I'm not rolling in quite the same direction that nage is trying to throw me. Of course that problem is that I can't quite figure out where nage is throwing me. It just feels really awkward, nage has me kind of twisted up and when they go to throw it feels like I'm being pushed sideways even though their extending me forwards so I'm never really sure which way I'm going. I hadn't really thought that was a problem until some people mentioned it in their posts. Part of the my trouble last class was due to nage throwing me improperly a couple of times as well. Still shouldn't I be able to roll comfortably even if I don't go in the exact direction I'm being thrown or if nage doesn't execute the technique properly? I doubt I'm doing the technique perfectly but my ukes don't seem to have difficulty, aside from some beginners that is.
Jun Akiyama (akiy) wrote:
Hi Peter,

I, for one, would be interested in reading about the sequence that you use in teaching ukemi.

Thank you, too, for your thoughts in your first post on this subject. Very clearly written...

-- Jun
I agree with Jun,(on both comments), would you mind posting your ukemi sequence if you have time Professor Goldsbury?


I find the aquisition of knowledge to be relatively easy, it is the application that is so difficult.
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