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Jorge Garcia
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Re: Rolling out ot kaitennage

Kathryn Cole (Kat.C) wrote:
I'm having difficulty rolling from kaitennage without hurting myself, I just keep smashing my back on the mat. I used to get hurt being thrown into front rolls because I was so nervous about rolling but now I enjoy it, so it was a bit of a surprise to me when doing this technique last class that I hurt myself. I kept trying to adjust the way I was rolling but not much seemed to help. Does anyone else have problems rolling from kaitennage? I can sometimes manage a decent roll when sensei throws me and once or twice with my husband but most of the time it is rather painful. Anyone have any ideas?
Actually, there is a chance it might not be you at all. If nage is holding your collar and doesn't let go soon enough, it doesn't matter how you roll, you are going to go over and slam on the mat. That is actually the way my sensei used to do the technique. He would hang on to your collar with one hand while he turned and tossed with the other and he hung on to the collar the whole time. It feels strange because uke has no control. All you can do in that case is to reach behind you as far as you can with the other hand and try to slap before your body makes impact.

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