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Maresa Sumardi (indomaresa) wrote:
Yes, nobody here is qualified to criticize aikido itself.

But we CAN criticize aikido training or techniques, and that's what most of us are doing now. To aikidog, that is.

I personally think that Aikido IS BEST, because it can fit whatever martial art situation, and non-martial art as well. All we've got to do to achieve it is keep training.
who ever is judging that ,nobody here is qualified to judge aikido itself ,is putting him or herself (at least in his or her own opinion)above everyone criticize aikido training you are criticizing say that the thing you're looking at is not aiki is like saying there must be no ghosts because i've never seen one.and a person who has done aikido only in dojos of traditional etiquete can can never have the same level as the one who has in addition a combative nhb experience ,never ever ever...
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