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Maresa Sumardi (indomaresa) wrote:
The advanced kaitennage (quickly and vigorously, complete with the balance break, head cradle and vertical axis rotation) isn't supposed to be practiced by people with passing familiarity with breakfalls anyway.
I don't think I said that a beginner should be taking breakfalls from kaitennage. Rather, I was saying that relying on "jumping" into a roll/fall isn't something that I feel I'd want people to pick up, especially as that is not an option that I feel is available later on. Better to curtail such habits before they get ingrained, I think.

As far as the breakfall from kaitennage goes, it's a lot more easily seen than explained. One way such a breakfall may occur is, say, when nage "cups" your head/neck as they extend your "non-rolling" hand out past your shoulder with their other hand. When combined with a good balance break, uke really doesn't have much recourse but to rotate over that hand that's cupping your head/neck. Hope that helps.

-- Jun

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