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Ron Tisdale wrote:
Draeger is often quoted on this topic...but scholars since his time have taken him to task on the distinction. Check out the writings of Meik Skoss, Karl Friday, Ellis Amdur and others...some of these comments are available on the web.
I've seen these references and, indeed, posted to the same effect as you, Ron, but I wonder if these refutations are not too late. I think Draeger has had a "washback" effect such that even in Japan they now reifiy this distinction between "do" and "jutsu". Saotome has stopped in with senior students during seminars, taught them some particularly nasty variation of the current technique, and then said kind of dismissively, "But, this is BUJUTSU" as if it were more vulgar, less advanced than aikiDO.

Personally, I've had a hard time with the "DO" stuff ever since reading Bodiford on Religion and Spirituality: Japan in Green's Martial Arts of the World: An Encyclopedia. Brrr!

Don J. Modesto
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