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Uriah - I have heard many great things about Luqman Sensei. I have many friends in the Vee Jitsu family who speak well of him. In fact my first aikido instructor Irving Faust, was his student.

Someone once said to me - when searching for an instructor ask yourself, if he/she wasn't doing martial arts for a living what would they be doing? Keeping that in mind has always helped me not only find good instruction but to also watch myself.

I had 2 dojos in Harlem before I moved to VA but I always had other sources of income. I too am not a "spring chicken" and have to provide for a family. I agree with Craig Hocker that if you rely on just teaching there may be times when you have to "sell out" to make ends meet.

But like academic teaching, I consider aikido instruction like any other form of social work. Underappreciated, underpaid, but extremely necessary.

BTW - take the age assumptions as a compliment. It shows you have that great while belt spirit in life not just aikido.

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