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I was thinking this a few days ago, but today's posts have convinced me of this. How many people who've read this thread are/were thinking that it is being posted by a teenager or a "20 something"?

Neither applies.

I look toward later on, particularly when retirement comes around. I'm not looking to be sitting around twiddling my thumbs. I'd taken jujutsu before this, and plan to continue to cross train later after I've built proper habits in Aikido (years from now, at least Dan level) don't want to have a clash of methods to confuse me.

For those of you who've heard of or met Sensei Luqman Abdul Hakeem, we've got a connection by marriage so, watching his classes years ago and of course speaking to him, planted the seeds so to speak.

I have at minimum 18 more years before retirement (early retirement for me is 55 + new baby = 58 years old). So why train at all if there is no intent to pass Aikido on to another generation and to stay active in the later years?

I'm not offended, so no one should get that impression. However, for those who have so much more experience, assumptions about someone's motives should be reserved until they get to know more about the person. I welcome any dialogue on this.

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