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Re: Agreement

George S. Ledyard wrote:
Yes, you are absolutely correct. I just cringe now when a new student comes up to me and evuses about how much they love Aikido, love the dojo, love me as a teacher... how it's changing their lives... they are usually about a month to six weeks from being gone. But I don't think telling them to me more steady or realistic helps much. It's just the type of person. Often, if you talk to them you find that they are Green Belts in everything. That this is simply how they do things.

It is absolutely true that a number of teachers I know say that they weren't the stars in the dojo. That they had to work harder for everything than some of the whiz kids and consequently, thirty years later their practice is vert deep and the whiz kids are long gone.

But I do know that from that DC dojo wher I started with Saotome Sensei there were a number of us that trained 6 or 7 days a week and went the distance in the sense that I can think of five or six of us who enede up running their own schools. We didn't burn out. So I don't think it is a matter of over enthusiasm being what makes someone leave. Every one of the people with whom I have trained who is really top notch spent some period of their lives during which they just trained, every day for some period of time. If someone starts out that way and quits, is it because they burned out too quickly or is it because they would have quit anyway. Most people quit after a short time regardless of how hard they start out. While some folks clearly grow into their love of the art and it becomes an increasingly important part of their lives I also believe that in most of the instances with which I am familiar the folks who are running their own dojos and taking their art to a high level started out strong and never backed off.

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