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Mr. Ledyard,

I certainly don't disagree with your comments, however I have seen (like you, no doubt) many, many, many people start in the art with this idea, only to quit very quickly when they realize how much hard work is involved. It is almost as if you can read what is going to happen with a student based on how they come into the art. If someone comes in so gung-ho like this and says they want to train every day, devote their life to the art, etc. they almost without exception quit within a few years (this is my experience, yours could be quite different, I understand that). I've seen it happen countless times. What I have also seen just as many times is the person who really regulates themselves and doesn't come in with a specific goal, who ends up going the distance.

You have been in this art longer than I, and have experienced a wider range of folks coming and going. Would you please comment on my observations, and if you have seen this as well.

best regards, Rachel
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