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I have trained in aikido for several years and have done tae-sebaki and irimi-tenkan excercises such that my knee often bends outwards slightly (if you do Yoshinkan aikido I'm sure you know what I mean). I have a lot of knee clicking which, strangely enough, started when I started aikido (though it may be due to running also). I have to warm up my knees before any bending, otherwise it displaces a ligament or something and is very painfull.

Recently I have tried to change my irimi-tenkan/tae-sebaki technique so that a. my front foot points directly forward and b. my knee is directly in line with my front foot and not bent out to the side. However I find doing it this way;
a. prevents me entering as deeply (as I have to spin more on my stepping in foot, and therefore can't stretch it as far forwards
b.reduces my balance (as I have to twist my leading foot on my ball, or even lift it off the ground, to enable it to line up).

The question is:
- what is your advice for effective turning without damaging my knees (is there effective turning without knee-damage?)
- should I even practise linear irimi-tenkan excercises?
- does it really matter if my knee ligaments are really bendy, of am I causing long term damage.

Any pointers would be gratefully accepted;


P.S. I read the section in aikiweb on knee injuries, but mine isn't so much of a sudden injury as a fear of future knee problems.
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