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Confused Re: Hakama for non-yudansha

Sean Toner (SeanToner) wrote:
How many people here are in classes that don't allow non-yudansha to wear the hakama? If so, do you feel that it's the Sensei's right to not allow non-yudansha to wear the hakama?
In our dojo, only yudansha are allowed to wear the hakama...though it has never happened that a non-yudansha has ever arrived wearing one.

As with all aspects of what is or is not allowed in the dojo while training, Sensei has the right (and the obligation, I think) to do as he/she wishes. If of course I find some aspects too chaffing, then I can of course leave train elsewhere, or wait to become Sensei myself.

I briefly (4 months) trained in a dojo where non-yudansha were expected to wear a hakama from sankyu on up. When I was told to wear a brown belt and get a hakama by the Sensei, I did (note: do yourself a favor and never buy a cheap hakama!). I was flattered, but mostly because I had up until then associated Shodan and above with the hakama. Of course, my skill level jumped to Shodan the moment I received the box containing the hakama....
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