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Hi I'm pretty new to the aikiweb and to teaching aikido. I started my dojo in my home about 2 years ago. I was lucky that I have a good friend who was willing to train with me alone and help find new students. We now have 7 full time students.

One of the things I have done that helps out the most is I started a yahoo group for my dojo. We have made alot of contacts and most of our full time students came from the yahoo group. The only trick to it is that you can't make the group as an advertisment and post class prices or yahoo will cut you off. We are truley a non-profit organization as we give the classes for free. Since we train out of my home/dojo we have very little cost in running it. So we didn't have a problem with yahoo cutting our group off. If you start a group on yahoo you could start it as a discussion group for your school and throw in your location contact numbers, email address ect...

The group keeps up with the number of people who have joined and unsubscribed from the group.

There are some other ways to get your name out in yahoo that are free. Your profile for one allows you to post links in it. If you can get all your students to post your link in their profiles that helps too. Join all the yahoo interests like aikido, judo, karate, etc... check out my profile and group at yahoo for some more ideas.

Best Regards

William Gibson
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