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That is a very original idea you had about the stand, one I've never heard of or considered before. It sounds like a great way to get people in for a demo or something, and it would only take an afternoon or two of time...hmmm we might give that one a try. In our experience demo's not only generate interest and students, but if you "charge" a $5.00 "donation" its works as a good fundraiser too, particularly if you are set up as a non-profit organization. We actually had people giving us larger donations as well. All we ever did to promote them before was put up flyers at local book stores, resteraunts etc. We do have a lot of foot traffic going past this new space as well as drive by...there are lots of little walk in shops and good sidewalks on the street. So maybe we'll give the little stand a go there and at a local mall or someting...thanks Maresa. BTW what videos did you play? Between all of us here at our dojo we've got a pretty good collection, maybe we could find some of the same ones you used to peak interest.


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