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Follow up time

Hello again,

I don't mean to dredge up an old topic, but just wanted to put an update here. Our dojo has found a space on a major thoroughfare here in the middle of town that looks very promising. The landlord seems great, and the rent, though high for us, is very good for the area. Right now we are not going to have enough members to support it (we'll be digging into our own pockets for a while), but it is facing a road with at least 25,000 cars driving past per day, and it will have a large sign up in front. Will this attract the membership we need? Will enough people walk in the door to make it worthwhile? Stay tuned ! The whole debate about low rent/low visibility= slower growth than high rent/high enough visibility to make it cost effective, is about to be renderd academic for us in the coming months. I'll post an update in the future.


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