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Hi. Just to clarify: the classic pain of nikkyo has to do with nerves on the periosteum (thin membrane over bone) touching each other momentarily, which is why it is a transitory pain that has nothing to do with actual damage.

When you hear pops and have ongoing pain, something has torn, generally a tendon or ligament.

Basic rule of thumb on these: minimum 8 wks to heal, and every little re-trauma during that time not only resets the clock, it makes it worse. Elevate, ice, and if its possible to devise a splint that supports it to prevent you turning in the direction that hurts, it would be a good thing (I doubt general compression to the area will do a darn thing, but I'm not a doctor, I'm a recovering nurse who can't and won't diagnose individual problems).

Sounds like you are on track with an mri done and a good doctor in your area--best of luck.

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