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Larry John
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Thanks! Will see if I can track down Dr. Haas. When my knees started tweaking two years ago (I was consistently pivoting on a weighted leg), I worked with a former team doc from the Steelers. He was spot on on the diagnosis (inflamed cartilage), but didn't understand the damage mechanism 'cause he didn't know anything about Aikido. My sensei (Jim Sorrentino) and his mentor Bob Galleone-sensei helped me figure out how to move without hurting myself (I always pivot on my heel, now). I thought this new injury might be even more obscure so he might now be that helpful.

I had read one of the nikkyo papers during my web search (pretty interesting, actually), but noticed that it was written 10 years ago and I wasn't sure where to start trying to find the authors.

Thanks Again!

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