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Jack Simpson
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Sorry to hear about your injury. I have two suggestions. One, there is an excellent orthopedic-sports medicine dude in the No.Va/DC area, his name is Stephen Haas. He is/was the orthopedic doc for the Washington Wizards. I say this as his mind set is to return an "athlete" back to "competition level". This is far diffent from a normal orthopedic dude (or dudette) who's likely to think you crazy for doing aikido in the first place. Dr. Haas has his initials on the inside of several knees at my old dojo and I've seen him as well.

On a more academic front, there have been several papers published on the medical reasons for pain caused by aikido techniques (see the links below). Most academics love to hear that people read their papers and you may just email one of the authors to see if kotegaeshi has been studied. It might give a local doc more useable information.

Best of luck and stay safe,


nikyo paper

nikyo 2 paper
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