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Larry John
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Training with an Obscure Wrist Injury

Folks, I could use some help.

It appears that while training last week I may have partially or completely torn the ulnar collateral ligament in my left wrist (I had an MRI on Monday, but won't know the results 'til next week).

This happened when my (bigger, stronger and more experienced) partner applied kotegaeshi, then extended my arm 'til it was almost straight and smoothly drove his hip forward. There was an audible pop!, I yelped (martially, of course), and completed the obligatory breakfall unenventfully. We examined my wrist, saw no obvious swelling or bruising, and I experienced little or no pain, so I continued training using techniques that did not subject me to wrist locks (lots of koshi, YEAH!).

The joint's stable and strong in all degrees of motion, but I can't supinate the wrist without pain.

Here's where I need the help. I can't find anything about this injury on the web, so I don't know where to steer my doc in terms of treatment, physical therapy, braces, etc.. And I figure it's gonna be hit or miss about getting a referral to a bone doc who has sufficient experience in dealing with Aikido techniques and nut cases like me who want to continue doing them until they plant me in a box. Or an urn. Or scatter me in some undisclosed location (is that you, Mr. Hoffa?)

I can't believe I'm the only person in the history of the art to have had something like this happen, so does anyone out there have a clue on how to handle this?

Thanks in advance for your help!

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