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Dan Jones wrote:
I'm looking for the Japanese equivalent for 'Spirit Forging Dojo' or 'Spirit Forging School' (jyuku).
I don't have it in front of me, but I think Dave Lowry's excellent Sword and Brush might have this in it.)
Jack Simpson wrote:
Did a quick web search and saw Seishin Tanren translated as "spirit-forging".
"Seishin". Hmm. You might want to run this by some Jpn before adopting it. Well-intentioned copying of second language stuff can be ridiculous. You see idiotic English on tee-shirts, shopping bags, and even products everyday there (sports drink Pocari Sweat (sic) is the most famous.) "Seishin" might have militaristic overtones to the Jpn ear (if this would concern you).

I mentioned to a journalist friend in Jp once that I did aikido and she curled her lip: "There are so many rightists in BUDO! It's really disgusting." Here we think BUDO and BUSHIDO are honored traditions; there, they bring back unhappy memories of deprivation, suffering, and death. The Jpn government appropriated BUDO to teach young men SEISHIN to meet death like fanatics. There might be a taint to the term. I don't know. (Then again, some Jpn sensei might be quite content with those connotations...)

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