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Originally posted by Victor
I'm taught that:

Ayumiashi is a "normal" step, for example you advance from hidarihanmi to migihanmi;

Okuriashi is a "side" step - you make two steps, not changing the hanmi;

Tsugiashi is a "small" step, you don't change the hanmi stance while making "tsugi-ashi";
Nope dont follow those explanations.


I've also heard the word "Suriashi" or "Shuriashi" (I'm not sure which one is the correct one)
and "Kaiten-ashi"...

Kaiten ashi i seem to remember being in Kisshomaru Ueshiba's book Aikido.
as a 180 degree turn Maybe a reverse tenkan ie turning on the back foot?
I am a bit vague. however when we use the expression kaiten we are refureing to a 90 degree turn soukumen front foot move wide. back foot moves up to wher the back foot was. then turn into hanmi so the previously rear leg is now the front one.

Suriashi does not ring any bells.

there is also Yari ashi. Hmm I have sudden doubts about how one does this. Its a side waysish step do the feet cross or is that my imagination?


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