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Standards in testing

Does your dojo have a standard? If so, do you know what it is? Or does it seem like it is all over the place?
We always say that at each level we are looking for specific things. 5th kyu - right foot/left foot, know technique by name, know where to go. 4th kyu - show knowledge of principles, gaining confidence, improve 5th kyu stuff, and so on...
Whatever that standard is for your style or dojo, is it mostly adhered to? Of course there are always exceptions but if someone were to visit your dojo would they be able to visual see rank by a uniform set of standards?
And I would also like to know does it matter to you?
It seems to me that many people train to test instead of just training. When they hear of test time they then come out of the wood works. Of course this will do nothing for their technique if this pattern continues. But what does it say about the dojo or our art for that matter if we allow that to happen? What can we do as blue collar aikidoka to help instead of complain?
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