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It is my spiritual side that lead me to Aikido. Before I continue my reply I must tell you that I experience quite allot spiritual things, so I must ask the skepitcal ones to please show respect.

I was meditating and projecting my spirit into exsistance (many people do this, only they do it unconciously, many times when they sleep.) I came into a garden-like area with multiple conciousnesses(persons if you will) finding me there, they told me it was time to follow Bushido again, they spoke of Kendo and Aikido, it is them that introduced me to the arts, it is the very reason why I joined Aikido a few days later, and it is trully what I need, finaly an art where I'm able to express my spirit self. Only now to find a Kendo school .


- Jop den Daas

Don't take it personal,
For it is the personal we ascend beyond.
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