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people people order order Aikido is not just the spin and throw Aikido is about changing to your envirment that is why o-sensi says that Aikido is ever changing. grougin someones eye out in self denfence could be aikido. yes you hurt the person and yes you lack controll but you have adapted and flowed with what the guy deserved. to me Aikido is about giving what the uke seemes to want if you want to resist fine use more movement.. Aikido is not just about the throwing but also the intent of what you are doing it for. if you use a shionaga because some person called you stupit that is not aikido nor if you are just showing off. ( it took me a while to not show off but i am under controll now!!) Aikido is what youmake it. I have been in Aikido for 4 years no I dont know everything nor most anything but this is one of the things it can be.

yes I have heard of spell checker but never fancied it!!

Dallas Adolphsen
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