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Hello everyone,

Pardon me while I digress a moment. You know what just drives me nuts? Of course you don't because I'm sure I've never told any of you guys and gals. Well I'll tell you. What drives me nuts is when someone replies to a reply that someone else wrote and for no real beneficial reason sees fit to comment on their choice of words or how they refer to what is and what isn't Aikido or whether or not they know a darn thing about Aikido. None of that has anything to do with the original question that was posted (and yes, neither does this reply). Jim made some good suggestions about how to deal with kicks, so what if he said something might not be Aikido. Why can't we respond to the original question and not try to belittle someone else's replies?

Yes, Jim is a new guy to Aikido (my understanding is that he has just started taking classes). So what if he's not entirely accurate with his posts. I'd bet that most of the stuff he's read about or learned about concerning Aikido has come from Aikiweb forums and articles. If anyone is to blame for his lack of knowledge it would all of the more experienced Aikido students who would rather criticize what he writes than explain the correct terms or philosophy or whatever. And it's not just Jim, others have made suggestions or introduced ideas and have received less than polite responses. How about we all try to remember what it was like when we first started training in Aikido and how stupid we all were; give the new guys a break.

I realize that I'm opening myself up to a whole slew of comments, so I'd like to add that this post was not directed at anyone in particular, just the readers of the forum in general.

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