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Dan Jones
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Thanks Rich.

Unfortunately, your kanji is not coming through, but that's ok; once I get the wording, I think I can get the kanji that corresponds.

The difficulty I have is I can't seem to find an interpretation of 'Spirit Forging Dojo', or something similar, that makes sense as a stand-alone. That is - without seeing the kanji for clarification, does name make sense?

The concept I want to capture is that like forging a blade, we must practice techniques over and over with commitment. By doing so, we are not just developing technical ability, but spiritual strength as well.

My first effort was 'Tanshin Dojo', but I was told this was not easily interpreted as 'Heart Forging' without seeing the kanji.

My second attempt was 'Tanren Dojo' but I wasn't sure it captured the aspect of Heart or Spirit. It seemed, to me, to interpret simply as 'Forging Dojo'.

Lastly, I considered Seishin Tanren Dojo. The jury is still out on that one. What do you think?

The word jyuku was suggested as a more appropriate word than dojo because it would acknowledge that the projects we undertake to assist in the community help our development of spirit, but they are outside the traditional training in a 'dojo'. I am open to other's opinions of the use of that word verses the more traditional use of 'dojo'.
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