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Rich Stephens
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I'd like to help but would like some clarification. Are you looking for a Japanese phrase that matches the English for "spirit forging" or do you already have a kanji that means that? If the latter, is this kanji the same one as used for the Japanese word "jyuku" you mentioned? I know the character used for jyuku that are private tutoring schools that children go to in the afternoon after they get out of regular school. We usually call these "cram schools" in English. I believe that kanji is m@(hope your system will display kanji). I hadn't heard any translation of this kanji as "spirit forging" however nor any use of it in connection to a dojo, so I'm a bit confused.

But with a bit of clarification I think I can help and if I can't, I can always turn to the living dictionary I keep handy, ha! (my Japanese wife!)

FWIW, there is a term Kikou (C) used in martial arts that can be translated as "spirit cultivating", or more commonly as breath control or breathing exercises.

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