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Anat Amitay
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The techniques thaught in Aiki are based on the natural movements of the human body, round and straight movements that are combined with hits of hands or legs, neutralizing and throws.A technique should end when the attacker is neutralized on the ground and the defender is ready to deal with any other threats.

Weapons are also used, such as short and long stick, knife etc.

In later trainings, defending against hot weapons, such as guns, are thaught. The efficiency of a technique is marked by the ability of a child to achive it dealing with an adult or any case of weak against strong.

The main things in practice: furthering the technical ability, physical ability, mental and the combination of them all together.

In the technical part, the idea is to bring the student to do a technique instinctivly as is needed on the street.Students train to be in better fitness and aerobic ability, and that will help them with their physical, motorical and coordinating abilities. Thje mental ablity is trained by letting the students deal with stressful situations and so that they will be able to carry that out in a real life attack situation. The trainings mimic the possible street asult the student might meet.

(to be continued)
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