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Anat Amitay
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What is Aiki?

Aiki is an Israeli MA that teaches against street violence.

It was founded in the 90's by Ami Niv who saw a great need in teaching his students against verbal and physical violence found on the streets.

The Aiki system is an educational system that emphesises self respect, respect toward elders and respect to any other person, side by side with patience and modesty.These are highlighted in lessons and are also used by the students in their everyday life.

(now there is an explanation of the meaning "ai" and "ki").

The Aiki differs from other MA's by that it teaches education for harmony, mental peacefulness and patience.It combines this with the ability to deal with the reality of the streets today when technique and aggressiveness is needed. this combination demands of the teacher to get his student ready on the technical, mental and physical level to deal with an attacker or attackers on the street, with hot or cold weapons.

(to be continued)
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