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Karen Wolek
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2003 was an excellent year for me! It was my first full year of Aikido practice, since I started in October 2002. I started going to class much more often and I'm now up to 5 or 6 classes a week. I took my first test (5th kyu) in July and passed, after a lot of test anxiety and fear! I got to go to seminars in Woodstock, NYC, Montreal, and Toronto (Aikido-l seminar, woo hoo!). I got to practice while visiting my family in Texas, at Aikido of El Paso. I became a moderator on the Women in Aikido bulletin board. I discovered that I also love photographing Aikido.............I learned THAT when I was off the mat due to a knee sprain. Then again, due to an elbow sprain. <grin>

I learned a lot about myself and my body. I met a lot of new friends. I'm beginning to see some improvement in my Aikido.

And I'm having A LOT of fun! Here's to an even-more-fun 2004!

"Try not. Do...or do not. There is no try." - Master Yoda
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