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Side kicks are obvious - turn toward the kick while facing it, like the beginning of a yokomen block.

Front kicks, I suppose, just step off the line.

Low kicks , um, hit him in the face before he does it ?

Dajo251 wrote:
First and formost I would like to say that I have been doing aikido for two years. I recently visited a friend of mines kempo school I did not participate in their class but after my friend and I worked out for a while(he also has done aikido). I came to the realization that neither of us had been taught any techniques to defend from kicks. I am looking for a quick answer to 2 main questions...
1. I am sure there are techniques to defend kicks but in the 2 dojos I have trained at neither of them taught these techniques. Why is this?(this I guess is a question directed more twords the instructers)
2.How effective would these techniques realy be against some one who truely knows how to kick?

I thank you all who are putting imput into this
Dan Hulley
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