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I'm an Aiki-Hamster, myself.

Just my take on this issue.. I think it's a matter (IMHO) of whether Aikido's physical techniques alone without the philosophy are still enough for it to be called 'Aikido', or if it requires the philosophy as well. Or, conversely, whether Aikido with just the philosophy and no physical techniques is still 'Aikido'. Then again, just the name 'Combat Aikido' and that he's a MMA fighter doesn't necessarily mean this contradicts the 'Aikido philosophy', persay.

Going from the videos on DeLucia's site, it looks like he knows Aikido techniques and isn't just dressing up some other arts under the name. Personally, I say give him a chance, no matter that the web-site mightn't be to the liking of some. The aikido training he gives would seem to be both a mix of traditional aspects and also a little 'something new', which (again, IMHO) is not necessarily a bad thing.
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