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What I object to is the logic behind what Mr Delucia's calls his Aikido training, essentially reading a book. Reading a book doesnt make one qualified to become a teacher of any sort. Its not enough to be called a student either. At best you might qualify as a casual observer.

An example:

I am a long distance runner. At the local bookstore, There is a book on sprinting. After the book is read, I am now a sprinter.

Or a more relevant example:

Since I ve studied aikido x amount of years, I am qualified enough to read a book on Wing Chun and open up a Wing Chun training hall. If I trained in martial arts, then I can read a book on another martial art and become a teacher of that martial art. The logic is severely flawed.

Or yet another example:

I am a Aikido student. Since Aikido has roots in other arts like aiki jujitsu, etc, does that then qualify me to be a student if not a master/teacher of all the martial arts that make up the background of Aikido? Does it make me a Shinto follower as well. What the heck I might as well call myself a Shinto priest for that matter. In any case this type of logic is faulty and just doesnt add up.

Aikido is not a "if -then" statement. If I read an aikido book then I will be an aikido student or possibly a teacher of Aikido. Its very presumptuous and naive to have this perception. To label yourself an Aikido Teacher after such "training" is flat out fraudulent. Reading a book doesnt make you an Aikido teacher by any standards. You may say you teach Aikido, and have students, but having students doesnt make one a teacher of Aikido.

Mr Delucia may be a fine martial artist and fighter.I am sure he would make a great UFC coach to someone who pursues that style of fighting. Its a free country, He can teach what he has learned in the ring to whomever he wishes too. But reading a book doesnt convey the true knowledge of aikido techniques. That requires years of study and practice under the watchful eye of an Aikido Teacher, ie a person who has been certified to teach by other Aikido teacher(s) or Aikido organization. Dont call yourself an Aikido teacher if you havent earned that title thru training under a certified Aikido teacher.

The intent here is not to slander or disrespect Mr Delucia. Its my point of view that he is wrong to call himself an Aikido teacher. If he can produce Aikido credentials, then I have no problem with him calling himself an Aikido teacher. Further more I think its wrong and misleading to label your martial art movement as Combat Aikido. Dont associate what your doing with Aikido if you never trained in Aikido before. I am not doubting your system of martial arts. The name Combat Aikido implies that what your doing has something to do with Aikido, which it doesnt. Its your own style give it your own name. Dont bunch in a martial art's name, Aikido in this case, into your fighting style's name if you have never been instructed in Aikido before.

Be original in your name, its your style. Best wishes and good fortune in your endeavor.

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