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Joshua Cripe (Usagi Yojimbo) wrote:
So should we start calling people dogs randomly on the street as a compliment or something? It's still generally not something one would proudly accept. People don't normally wish to die like a dog, think like a dog, or simply be called a dog.
LOL - deviating from Aikido discussion I know but no matter what the word I used if I started randomly complimenting people on the street I could get into trouble.

The Aikidog term wasn't applied to others but himself and I must say the use of self depreciating labels has a long history especially on the internet boards.

If my memory serves me correctly the owner of this forum - the esteemed Jun Akiyama - used a far worse Aiki compound. Aikidog is tame by comparison and no worse then several other members on this very board. Take a look at the member list.

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