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aikiDOG = sherDOG

Joshua Cripe (Usagi Yojimbo) wrote:
The main thing that bugs me is the name "AikiDog" or whatever it was. . . to call yourself a "dog" while practicing martial arts just makes me wonder what the holy hand pies is moving through that head of yours.
"Aikidog" is a play on words, referring to, a very popular MMA website.

As for "sensei jeff's" website (is there some reason not to use the correct phrase "DeLucia Sensei"?), the only things about it that offend me are the poor grammar and web design.

Notice that no one jumps on Mitsu Yamashita or Fumio Sakurai for bringing MMA influences to Aikido. Also notice that DeLucia claims to have studied Aikido for longer than OSensei studied any of the various ryu that he based Aikido on. Is DeLucia unqualified to have worthwhile views on martial arts because he is non-asian?
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