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From the David Brent Wolfe Dictionary of Martial Art Terms

Sui getsu means moon reflected in the water. A practitioner's mind should trained to be like water, reflecting the moon without distortion. The water remains still and unaffected by the reflection of the moon. Likewise, the warrior's mind should remain still and unaffected by actions happening around him.

Sui getsu means maintaining a constant fighting distance from an opponent by adjusting the distance every time the opponent moves. This means staying unapproachable, like the reflection of the moon in still water.

Awase means joining together. It was also used to describe the games and amusements of the aristocracy. It comes from awaseru, meaning to meet together.

Ho means method.

To me it sounds like he's basically saying that once he understood how to use proper distance, perhaps both mental and physical, blending became much easier.


p.s. Didn't someone determine that it wasn't actually Jason Delucia on that thread? Wendy, is it possible to find out?

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