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Our dojo just tested; my account (kinda long)

Hi all, bcole23 from Snake River Aikido here in Idaho Falls, ID. We train under Frank Roberto sensei, sandan, who trains under Frank Doran sensei.

I'm just logging on and writting this to get what I thought and felt down and out of my system and hopefully it has some worth to someone out there.

We had two 9 yr olds test. The first ever kids in our dojo and they did very good for 9yr olds. Of course they were very nervous. We also had 3 5th kyu, 2 4th kyu, 2 3rd kyu, and 1 2nd kyu (mine) test. (long class)

The 5th kyu tests were honestly the best 5th kyu tests I've ever seen. The 4th kyu tests blew me away, as did the 3rd kyu tests. Everyone in my dojo really came together and worked very hard at making this a successful day and I'm so proud of all of them.

Now for my personal views on my 2nd kyu test.

I've had almost two years (two classes a week) between my 3rd kyu and my 2nd kyu test. I've been hampered by injuries this last year. I have been nursing a badly torn tendon in my ankle that was aggravated at the beginning of the year. Then after some time off, I came back and cracked a bone in my finger. After that healed, I broke my index toe in two and was out for a month and a half. I finally get back from that and I get in a car wreck and get whiplash. The next class I'm in a hard collar and sensei announces that it's almost test time. I think that my sensei put off testing as long as he could to allow me enough time to heal so I could test. Needless to say, I didn't uke for anyone last night which makes me feel sorta bad because EVERYONE uke'd for me. I was feeling really out of sorts because I had been off of the muscle relaxers for a couple of days and had huge headaches because of it. So I was just starting back on them and was feeling really out of sorts last night. I had also been up 'till 1:30 am the night before dealing with a personal problem.

Getting the idea of how I felt yet?

Well, this is why you have to practice consistently whether you want to practice or not. If you only practice when you feel like it, you'll bomb when have to do it when you don't feel like it.

I started out nervous as everyone does but I felt that I got my nerves and breathing under control after about the first few techniques. My main things I always try to do when testing is to slow things down, be controled, not hurt anyone, flow, footwork, and actually try to 'do' aikido, not just techniques.

So I started out with Shomenuchi, Ikkyou - Gokyou, ommotte and ura. Then went on to do shomenuchi shihonage, kaintennage, kotegaeshi, and irimi nage. Then did pretty much that whole list plus a bunch of others from kata dori, yokumen uchi, gyaku yokumen uchi, tsuki, ryotedori, morotedori, ushiro ryotedori, hanmi handachi, suwari waza, etc etc etc.

Then I did some jiyu waza. This is where sensei said I did my best. He worked me until I was tired as heck and didn't have any way of putting muscle into anything cuz I didn't have any muscle to use at that point. What was nice is that I only lost my flow in the jiyu waza once (that I can remember, gotta go look at the tape). I did what to me was a suprising number of techniques as from my experience, people tend to get tired and do the few techniques that they are really comfortable with and not what may be appropriate for the situation. I definitely cleared my mind (for the first time) and didn't once think, "Ok, I'm gonna do this technique now, cuz I haven't done it yet." I just tried to let everything go. Overall, I don't know how I did from my personal viewpoint cuz it all kinda goes by you at a hundred miles an hour, but sensei said I did very well. One thing that was bad, or good depending on how you look at it, was my conditioning was a little off from the time I spent recovering from my accident. Normally, everyone in my class is expected to do 50 roles at the beginning of the class and more advanced people do 100. (my max is 75 or so)

The weird thing was, after the class, I was so elated and happy, but a TON of other weird emotions were going on inside me. I think it had to do with finals at school, lack of sleep, problems at home/work, maybe a bad reaction to my medications. I just hope that no one took my weirdness after class the wrong way.

Well, there you have it. Hopefully, I'll get to see the tape soon and see how I did from my viewpoint.

As a final note:

MERRY CHRISTMAS, HAPPY NEW YEAR, and love to everyone.

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