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Eric Joyce
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Re: "Fighting does not work in Aikido"

josh phillipson (thisisnotreal) wrote:

So my question is:

Could anyone please explain, comment or expound on this (and it's validity):

" once you violate the principle you lose the phenomena,but then i evolved into ''suigetsu''and ''awase ho'' made sense .infact'' awase ho'' is gate way to ''take- musu ''. "
Good question. My gut tells me he is just quoting something Ueshiba had said, I could be wrong however. The defintion of Takemusu is: AIKI which gives birth to martial techniques. An expression coined by Morihei UESHIBA to refer to the highest level of aikido where one is capable of spontaneously executing perfect techniques. he saying that he has found the gateway to executing perfect techniques? Maybe I am missing something here.

Eric Joyce
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