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Ai Carramba!!! Stumbled into a war zone here... alright, well in my opinion, as we've heard one too many times already, Aikido is in no way about fighting. So it's not really true Aikido in the sense that it's used aggresivly in fighting. I mean, I've been taught Aikido is all about pacifism and what not, to avoid the fight altogether if possible. Am I mistaken in this assesment of the art? If so, then I'm wrong and it really IS Aikido. If I'm right, however, then it's just fighting. I personally do sparr with a friend of mine. I LIKE sparring. I figure there's no way to get stronger without getting your arse kicked first. Of course I don't really use Aikido while sparring (one reason being I'm not fast and fluid enough to use it effectivly, two, as I said before, it wouldn't be true Aikido). Well, I altogether don't have a problem with the guy instructing or anything, as long as it's done in a more traditional method. One of the reasons I like Aikido, is because of its tradition, as all Martial Arts (although Karate I still haven't figured out...). The main thing that bugs me is the name "AikiDog" or whatever it was. In my thoughts, "what the hell?" applies directly to this. Aikido is something from Japan. Japanese culture is, or maybe just was, strewn (sp?) with honour. Honour was the very basis of samurai (yes I do realise they were people too and would act dishonourably at times, but there were still good samurai as well). And to call yourself a "dog" while practicing martial arts just makes me wonder what the holy hand pies is moving through that head of yours. One too many landings on your head perhaps? If you can get past the blatant self-promotion and the "dog" thing, then there's some good. ... Aikidog my ... foot...

My head hurts...
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