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VERY tricky ukemi......


When nage does (poor) kote gaeshi (only way this really works), grab nage's wrist with your free hand just prior to entering your break fall escape, keep contact between his palm and your hand (the one that they did kote on). As you go over, rotate the hand nage did kote on to a forward direction and wrap around nage's hand. The turning motion of the breakfall will also turn nage's wrist over. Your hand will now be on the back of nage's and you still have his wrist with your other hand. Nage then has to break fall over you to escape. You have to land in the right position to start with and it's very hard to explain this in text. Also, beware that the force of the first break fall can cause extreme damage to nage's wrist if they are not expecting this move. Basically, you have to breakfall without any asistance from your arms or hands. Sounds much easier than it is. While this looks really cool, I would not recommend it as there is a very high potential for injury to both people. I hope this helps.......

Please train safe,

Dan P. - Mongo
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