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Chris Birke wrote:
I forgot that in Aikido things are a bit different in the sense of evaluating martial effectiveness and that the integrity of a person is tied in more tightly than mma at large. The question deserves it's own thread, and I done made it. =D
Chris, this isn't what I meant. Aikido is a damn subtle and refined art at high levels. Without going into character, it's possible for someone to apply a shiho nage, have it work, and I would not call it aikido, or not "good" aikido. In my opinion, it's about feel and what the person is doing, rather than a person's character as such. Effectiveness is part of it, but it's not it, by itself.

I started to write more but realized it would be a long post, and not on the topic, so maybe another day and in another thread. I do have a couple of lineage stories to share in the other thread, eventually.

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