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Michael Neal
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I personally was more offended by the Aiki Golf site. The Delucia site is a little odd, but at least he is practicing Aikido as a martial art. I was even publically attacked by a senior member of my former Aikido dojo for daring to criticise the Aiki Golf site.
My feelings in a nutshell are that Aikido needs way more randori training. Learning against a resisting opponent is invaluable
I think this is a worthwhile endeaver, some Aikido dojos do no randori at all, the ones that practice randori don't do it enough.

Probably 30 minutes of every practice should be dedicated to it (or at least 30 minute a week), even if it is just one on one light randori.

Every once in a while Aikido students should put on padded grappling gloves, headgear, and mouthguards and not try and knock eachothers heads off but practice techniques against more realistic strikes and such.

These types of things will boost the average Aikidoka's confidence and refine their technique for practical application.

You can do all this and still preserve the traditional aspects of the art.

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