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i participated in the past thread on MMA that Mr. Delucia was activelly posting in. I must say that I aways found his posts admirable. He comes across as a person with alot of experience in Martial Arts and a person that fell in love with Aikido like many of us. Furthermore, he comse acrros as an inteligent person that has no problems relaying information in a proper manner.

Whether his site is impressive or not doesnt really matter. Its the quick to judge comments that come from some of the people on these forums that are concerning to me. Some people didnt even know who he was yet they were quick to type their opinions of the site and the man.

I hope Mr. Delucia applies the Aikido techniques in the MMA events that he is intending to compete in. I for one would like to see him in the ring and chear for him. Remeber Aikido is a differnet path fro differnet people and O'Sensei never backed out of a challenge himself so there is nothing wrong with Mr. Delucia to chalange himself in the ring if thats his path.

As far as credentials are conserned, I belong to a small Dojo and my Sensei chose not to affiliate due to the hassle with politics and other costs and issues which have nothing to do with training. That was his choise and that doesnt make him any better or worse of an instructor than someone with a list of credentials.

When I picked my dojo I observed the way the Sensei perforemd techniques, explained the details of the techniques to their students and the way the students participated in class.

I pickd the dojo where the Sensei apperaed to me to be the best teacher and had the most realistic approach to Aikido since thats what I was looking for. The last thing that I was looking at were his credentials on paper, his past teachers or his affiliations.

All the best to Mr. Delucia and the rest of the Aikidoka on the forums.
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