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That is interesting Ian, and I should think it is similar to universities in Japan that have a specific 3 year curriculum. Did you find any of it worked, or have you binned the idea?

I follow a Yoshinkan grading syllabus in theory, but find little of what I teach day to day matches this, in fact I think the first 2 grades in our syllabus, if followed correctly, would result in all my beginners leaving. The only exception would be the rare beginner that has decided to pursue aikido as a long term commitment, rather than most, who just want 'to learn a martial art, and liked what they read about aikido'.

So I try to put heavy emphasis on having fun - more than I would in an environment where getting to an end goal is more important than the journey.

Has anyone found a particular way to teach that maxinmises the speed of learning, even if it is less 'fun' to do for the student?


Justin McCarthy
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