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akiy wrote:
That would be "ashi." "Kashi" can refer either to "oak" or "confectionary." Unless there's some kind of set of techniques involving the two...
<snipped some stuff of mine>

I actually did a search on kashi, just in case Matt was referring to something obscure, and I hit legs several times, including

and these guys say the same thing and more actually.

They also include the following translations:

noncommissioned officer
the legs; lower extremities
being granted; granting; imperial grant
asphyxiation; apparent death
false tooth
(a-no) visibility
song lyrics; words of a song
fish market; riverside; river bank
evergreen oak
loan; lending

As far as that particular kotegaeshi counter goes of uke launching nage while uke is still in the air, I think it's more for show.
I completely agree but I still want to know how to do it.

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