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Steven Tame
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I passed 4th kyuu last week

I`m not gonna start a new thread for this so I`ll just add it on to my thred here. I passed my 4th kyuu test at Hombu last week....

now I`m kind of worried cos the next test is 3rd kyuu

As far as I can remember I need to know

ikkyo-->yonkyo from shomen uchi both sitting and standing

shomen uchi and tsuki irimi nage and kote gaeshi

yokomen uchi shiho nage

tenchi nage

sitting kokyu ho

Now the thing is I have been training for 6 months pretty much every day and we have practiced yon-kyo only twice and san-kyo maybe

5 or so times.

We have never practiced tsuki irimi nage or tsuki kote gaeshi

I am nowhere near proficient at any of these techniques....

What should I do?? It is only occasional that there is time to ask a sempai to help me out with these techniques and doing it once a week or less is probably not going to be enough. I wouldn`t say I`m a fast learner but not that slow either. I have brought some Aikido books and it has helped somewhat to get the idea of the techniques but I don`t feel it is enough.

The way Hombu is organised I don`t feel it is something I can talk to one of the sensei`s about... I`m kind of worried about it... I`m due for testing in March... I really like Aikido and it means a lot to me, I really don`t want to fail my test. I know it is a while away but it is something I have to think about now....

thanks in advance for any help and advice
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